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  • 24v dc ZLP (Zero Line Pressure) rollers, length can be split into various sections, each with a basket detection PEC mounted on the opposite side of the conveyor to the packing stations. 
  • This PEC will ensure the basket is stopped alongside the packing stations making the removal of the basket easy for the operator. 
  • The philosophy of the line is such that a basket will always be driven to the last packing station unless the zone is occupied, if this is the case then the baskets will que in sequence. 
  • Once a basket has been removed the upstream basket will move and fill its place.
  • Variable height and speed to suit your needs.

The robust answer to your conveying requirements

Slatband Conveyor
Fabric Belt Conveyor
Suspended Conveyor
Plastic Modular Conveyor
Stainless Mesh Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor
Vibratory Conveyor
Settling Conveyor
Flighted Conveyor
Gravity Roll Conveyor
Powered Roll Conveyor
Polycord Conveyor
Wire Belt Conveyor
Rumble Conveyor
90 Degree Conveyor

Solid reliable design and build provide essential low mainentance.


Built for high volume daily usage to keep your production line moving.


For value and build quality, the Crown Conveyors range is hard to beat.

You choose overall length, belt width, belt colour, height and speed.


Cantilevered Conveyor

Cantilevered belt conveyor for ease of belt removal for cleaning.

Cantilevered Conveyor
Cantilevered Conveyor
Cantilevered Conveyor
Cantilevered Conveyor
Cantilevered Conveyor

Vibratory / settling / rumble conveyor

This conveyor is known by many names as above however they all achieve the same result. This conveyor conveys loose bulk product and settles the product along the journey usually to the packing area.

Rumble Conveyor
Rumble Conveyor

Slat Band Conveyor

This conveyor is formed of a series of slats which are linked together to form a continuous flat surface. The slats can be made of stainless steel or plastic and articulate in one plane for straight conveyors and in two planes to allow products to be taken around a corner. The common use of this application is to convey bottles and cans where very low friction between the slat band and the product is particularly important to prevent the products from toppling over.

Slatband Conveyor

Universal Packing Station

Versatile system to facilitate hand packing a variety of products with transfer to palletising point.

Universal Packing Station

Tray De-Stacker

Crown’s Tray-de-stacker, de-stacks trays for automatic feeding into packing area, the trays can primarily contain raw product or sealed trays of product this is usually of bulk quantity.

Tray Destacker

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