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To transfer packs from three across narrow edge leading at the outfeed of the Multivac and feed them onto a metal detector conveyor in single file evenly spaced.


  1. Supply 4 off converging conveyors consisting of three parallel lanes of plastic modular belt each 1,500 mm overall length. The three lanes will run at different speeds with the middle lane running fastest. This will accelerate the middle pack ahead of the outer packs. The outer lanes will also run at different speeds allowing one pack to get ahead of the other. Staggered guides will plough the outer packs towards the middle lane producing one single stream of packs.
  2. Supply control systems for the above consisting of three inverters and all necessary controls etc mounted in a stainless steel enclosure. Up/down stream interfacing. Operator controls will consist of start and stop buttons. Speed adjustment will be via the inverters and will be an engineering function.


The plastic modular belt will resist the sideways force exerted by the packs as they are ploughed sideways providing a robust solution to the current problem of belt damage.

The control philosophy will be based simply on the speed differential between the lanes.


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