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Cream Pots



To transport product from the lidding machines through a metal detector, checkweigher and proceed onto a packing station conveyor prior to cartoning.

The system (three lines) to cope with projected ppm and ensure smooth transfer between conveyors without hang-up.


  • Plastic tubs filled with cream and lidded
  • Various diameter sizes from 48mm to 76mm
  • Speed variance from 70ppm to around 100ppm


Line 1

To handle pots with a diameter of 76mm at a rate of 70ppm per lane, conveyor to accept product from the two output lanes of filling and lidding unit via a ploughed side transfer from an extended outfeed conveyor.

The two lanes of pots will travel on separate belts with a speed differential which allows the pots to merge into a single file and further side transfer onto the metal detection and checkweighing section.

Line 2

This line to handle pots with a base diameter of 68mm at a rate of 86ppm. Similar to line 1 but with side transfers onto a pair of side flexing belts thus allowing the pots to turn and deliver to their respective metal detection units via a ploughed side transfer.

Line 3

This line to handle pots with a base diameter of 48mm at a rate of 100ppm, outfeed conveyor to be extended to allow ploughing of the pots in a side transfer onto respective metal detector.

Three off crown’s platinum line packing stations to suit each line.

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